Menstruation Cell
Menstruation Cell

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Menstruation Cell

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The Menopause Cell is a 100% natural solutionthat has been developed for all women and girls with stressful or painful menstruation, reducing PMS symptoms and irritability during the monthly cycle or during menstruation.

When using this Energy Cell, you can expect less menstrual discomfort, stabilization of the monthly cycle, and more ease with the natural cycle fluctuations.

Τhis wearable device is a patented composite with magnetic properties, utilizing crystallized components and silicon, and which can retain and emit the therapeutic frequencies of Vital Fields for at least 6 months.

Vital Fields are subtle energy fields, 100% natural, that help transfer energy and information across the body’s living systems (cells, organs, and micro-organs) so the body’s cells can repair and regenerate post-damage.

For many girls and women, menstruation is associated with pain and limitations in their everyday life. A large number of the complaints have to do with poor blood flow to the pelvic organs, as modern lifestyle involves too much sitting, too much sugar, lack of exercise, and inadequate supply of micronutrients.

The Cell cannot impact any of this – but it can provide energetic support. It supports the female organs in the pelvis, as well as pelvic floor blood circulation. Brain structures which significantly influence menstruation, for example the pituitary and pineal glands, are also supported. In addition, the Menstruation Cell emits the frequencies of herbs and medicinal mushrooms which nature provides for this purpose.